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Feb. 5th, 2005 @ 10:01 am I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!
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Wow, it certainly has been FOREVER since I posted here. I hope not everyone forgot about me. Well, all Ive been doing lately is going to college fulltime in order to recieve my AA degree and move on to bigger and better things. Anyway, I will be posting more in the future, which until now has been less then zero. Also a little bit of blogger format change around here. Hope everyone is doing alright! Leave a comment or two. ^^

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Apr. 9th, 2004 @ 05:17 pm condoleezza rice is such the whore
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In the respect that she doesn't even respect what congress set up.

I think richard clark will go down in history as the coolest government man in a long time.

...but why argue with the 9/11 commission when it's set up to point out flaws in comunication? Just admit to every mistake, bitch!

You just want to slap that half-bang off of her forehead.

Do you think I'll be targeted by the government because of my comments? I didn't use death threats, but there's probably something set up to monitor internet something...
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Apr. 6th, 2004 @ 11:55 pm Wittle bit o poetry...
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Funny thing is I dont write poetry, but it came suddenly to me the other night.

Here we go:

~ the candle emits a darkening whim
the shadows it casts are of light
it’s purpose of glowing is blindingly dim
a flicker of hopeless recovers it’s right...
and dreams of the day become mares of the night ~

Bare in mind, I did this at 3 am and dead tired.
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Apr. 6th, 2004 @ 01:07 am Anime Expo...
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Too anyone who reads this...

What is everyone's plans concerning Anime Expo 2004? Since it starts from July 2nd-5th, I'm not exactly sure when I would go if I went. The problem is see, I am taking 2 summer classes to fulfill my requirements at my new job at my college. Now I'm in a dilemna...unless I take the same 2 classes of the first half of summer...boy would I be busy as HFIL...I just can't wait to finally graduate!

So does anyone have any reccomendations on what to do concerning cheap ways (via airlines), motels, transportation, etc...? I'm going to need at least 1,000 smackers.
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Apr. 5th, 2004 @ 11:51 pm Whats up with me??
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Well gee, I havent posted in only what, almost 2 months...

I hope everyone is doing ok. School, school and more school. Fuckles.
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Feb. 10th, 2004 @ 10:59 pm Oh shit...
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...its been nearly 1 and a half months since I actually posted something...0_o

Lets see what is in new in the world of Xenshin

- Started a new semester w/ 4 classes (Art History II, Biology, Astronomy and Ancient/Classical Humanities)
- Landing a new car
- Started a new story (horror/fantasy--full details coming!)
- Searching for some love (tee-hee)
- Vouraciously reading stuff, many would consider "out there". ~_^

Thats about it.
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Dec. 27th, 2003 @ 10:43 am The sheep need to wake up!
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I read this, and it SEEMED (Felt TRUE!)to read right and set off the alarm bells that we as citizens should be listening for.

Though the author´s name is withheld from the article, I do have a *URL address at the bottom of the article.

The article was found on Rense.com and though I sometimes am a bit suspicious of what I read on Jeff´s site, I find his site more informative and truthful than, oh, let´s just say...Art Bell on C2C, Mike Noory included.

Article below:
A Truly Wide-Awake American
From Name Wittheld


I am one American who IS wide awake on what is going on in my country and around the world. I could explain things that would curl your toe nails.
As a free nation, the United States is done. Via the pre-planned "inside job" 9-11, and the subsequent Patriot Acts, Dept of Homeland Security, Presidential Executive Orders, and new "enforcement" laws buried deep in legislation passed by our "zombied" Congress, the peoples of the United States are being placed under increased "lockdown", and, with another pre-planned 9-11 looming on the horizon, the endgame is total lockdown.

Hitler´s concentration camps for the Jews and other undesirables will pale in comparison for what the U.S. government has in store for its "undesirables". The majority of Americans are placated with the many of life´s "trinkets". As long as they can have their Twinkies, SUVs, Gameboys, Barney, and Monday Night Football, life´s just great! - whether it´s being a couch potato at home, or a sardine in a 4´ x 5´ cell in a "re-education center" in the future. Too many Americans are overweight, out of shape, malnourished from nutrient-stripped foods, on drugs (whether legal or illegal), in denial, turned-on, tuned-out, turned-off, brain-dead, etc, to be able to muster any kind of effective resistance to what is about to take place across the American landscape. As a consequence, millions will die.

Terrorism is big business!

And, all too often, big business is terrorism. The common misconception in the public´s mind is that terrorists are a bunch of dirt poor malcontents who somehow manage to bypass our best security and commit horrible acts against us God-fearing, flag-waving, freedom-loving Americans. In other words - as President Bush would have us believe - they (the terrorists) hate us because of our freedoms.

For 9-11 to have happened was more than whatever Bin Laden could have dreamed up or even financed. Bin Laden, as powerful as he certainly is in his own right, does not, however, have the power to cause the United States Air Defenses to "stand down" and "delay" during the aircraft hijackings and subsequent attacks.

That kind of power could only come from "within" the United States and would take enormous amounts of money to plan 9-11 and to guarantee the cooperation and silence of the many players and participants, at whatever levels of their respective operations. And where does that kind of money come from?

9-11 was funded via four sources.

1. The red-hot ponzi-schemed stock market of the latter 90´s during the Clinton years. While people and institutions across America were regurgitating "it´s the economy, stupid" (a favorite Clinton-era saying) to each other, billions were skimmed, sometimes outright stolen, from their investment portfolios (as well as from foreign investors, too). We know the stories, as they have since been reported in the news. Billions "lost" became billions "earned" somewhere else. Paper trails and computer records may be difficult to find now, but not impossible.

2. The Y2K fiasco. The infamous Y2K bug was real. A real nightmare could have happened. Billions worldwide were spent on the eradication of the bug. Amongst the reality, however, was all too much hype, distortions, and outright lies by those who stood to gain handsomely by selling new computers and software to the frightened and gullible. Again, billions spent became billions earned.
3. The California / western U.S. energy crisis of 2000-2001. The western U.S. was held hostage by a handful of energy companies, who extorted billions from those who could ill afford it.

Businesses went out of business. People died. President Bush was not concerned at the time (which should be a clue) - "let the free market reign" was his attitude. Cheney was holding secret "energy meetings" with the likes of Enron, etc, the records of which were sealed under "national security" (which should be another clue).

If Enron made billions from hijacking the West, then where did all their money go, that they had to file bankruptcy (another clue)?

Perhaps some of their ill-gotten mammon was spent on the murder of their high-level in-the-loop employee Cliff Baxter. Or, perhaps, it was a "black bag" operation, as in CIA/MIC, made to look like a "suicide". Nevertheless, Baxter, like Vince Foster before him (during the Clinton era), knew too much, was too ethical, and was about to testify before Congress. Cliff´s testimony could have halted the countdown to 9-11.

4. As military bases were being mothballed during the Clinton years, supposedly billions were being "saved", only to be "spent" elsewhere, on elaborate futuristic defense projects, where there is little accountability in how much is being spent and on what. Which is a perfect "cover" for "black ops" projects, such as funding for pre-9-11.

9-11 took billions to pull off. Many people, at various levels of operations, knowing or unknowingly, domestic or foreign, had to be "paid" to make it all happen. Some, unfortunately, unwilling to "play ball", were "silenced" forever. In looking back at the Kennedy era, President Kennedy had begun troop withdrawals from Vietnam, with the intended goal of getting out of that ugly mess before it got uglier. And there was the Bay of Pigs fiasco. For these and many other reasons, Jack, and years later Bobby, were assassinated.

When Johnson came to power as President, the MIC/CIA got its Vietnam war back. As is now public knowledge, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was "staged" for Johnson to justify before Congress and the American people the escalation of the war. It seemed like an "endless war on Communism" (as in Bush´s "endless war on terrorism").

In the end, the deaths of 58,000 U.S. soldiers were but chump change for the billions made by the MIC/CIA in their blood-for-money war.

We can also look back to Pearl Harbor of WWII. Or the Maine. Or the Lusitania. Or the Civil War. Many examples exist where things were "staged" for an intended result, by those treasonous U.S. citizens in power and position who would benefit. And it´s no secret anymore that major U.S. corporations traded with Nazi Germany during WWII while at the same time we were fighting them, or that major U.S. banks and investment houses invested Nazi funds to keep their war machine going (one such investor was none other than Prescott Bush). War is very profitable, when it doesn´t ravage your own borders.

So, who would benefit from 9-11?

With the U.S. economy teetering towards collapse during 2001, with military bases having been and still being mothballed, with defense contractors laying off thousands, with secret trade deals with Red China that gave away many strategic assets, with a proposed oil pipeline on hold and the drug trade almost wiped out because of the Taliban in Afghanistan, with sweet crude almost sitting idle in Iraq because of the post - Gulf War I trade sanctions, with several nations either having dumped the dollar and converted to the Euro or considering to do so, and a host of other reasons, there was ample rationale for another "Pearl Harbor".

The deaths of 2700+ U.S. citizens (via the felling of the Twin Towers) was but nickel-and-dime for what would be gained by the conspirators - oil, drugs, and continued world dominance of Federal Reserve Notes as the world´s reserve and oil-exchange currency.

Again, who would benefit from 9-11? Many people in positions of power and influence, in government, corporations, defense contractors, banks, oil companies, those in Cheney´s secret energy meetings, the Federal Reserve, etc.

You only need follow the "money trail", especially those who stood to gain on the stock market in the days and moments prior to 9-11. Billions were made on 9-11, as the towers fell, thousands died, and the stock market slid.

And with the recent revelations of the mutual funds´ fiascos, where billions have been stolen from investors, as well as Rumsfeld´s plans to close more military bases in order to "save" billions, it should be obvious via the above analysis that another 9-11 is being put into operation by the same players who will benefit from the results of another such event. And if Bush runs into trouble in regaining the presidency in 2004, another 9-11 will precede the elections so he can declare himself president until the crisis is over, ie, "president-for-life".

The parallels between pre-Nazi Germany to Nazi Germany, and pre-"9-11" America to "9-11" America, are striking. Hitler may have been defeated, but Nazism has lived on in, and has finally conquered, the "land of the free and home of the brave". (If you have any doubts about Nazism in America, do a Google on "Operation Paper Clip" and "Operation Keelhaul", and Prescott Bush.)

If Cliff Baxter was expendable, if 3000 people were nickel-and-dime, then you and I are likewise.

It has been widely believed by many that Saddam was a CIA/MIC puppet. During the Congressional investigations into the Iran-Contra scandals of the 1980s during the Reagan-Bush administrations, hard evidence was revealed of the direct support by the United States´ government, banks, and corporations, as well as Western European. In other words, Saddam was created and maintained in power by the West.

As is being currently reported by some media outlets, our current Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was one of the primary "on record" contributors to Saddam´s success and arsenal of bio-chemical agents.

It has been widely reported, and re-reported, that Saddam "gassed his own people" during 1989. Although Saddam could do what he wanted in his own country, gassing 5000 people was not a decision nor action he performed on his own.

Strong evidence exists that the AIDS virus was manufactured by our military back in the ´70s as a bio-war weapon. It was "piggy-backed" upon the Hepatitis vaccine, which was given to black Africans during that time. Then the AIDS crisis exploded, and now threatens massive deaths across the African continent, and has spread around the world.

The CIA/MIC has a long history of testing bio-war agents on various peoples of the world, as well as on its own citizens here in the U.S. (Do a Google on MKULTRA. Also, West Nile - another "weaponized" virus - has spread across America like wildfire. And now, a flu "epidemic" has spread like wildfire. Coincidence? Or planned?) War presents an excellent opportunity to "field test" new agents. Troops can be "vaccinated", and then later "tested" on the open battlefield.

By 1989, the CIA/MIC, as part of the greater World Intelligence Community Covert Alliance (WICCA), needed a "field test". With Saddam´s cooperation - as a puppet, of course - 5000 nobody-would-ever-miss people were gassed. It was a success.

A more comprehensive test was needed. So Saddam, being duped by United States´ double-talk, invaded Kuwait, and Gulf War I ensued. U.S. troops, being a good cross-section of the American population, were "vaccinated" and sent off to battle, only to be exposed to "bio-chemical" agents. Thousands came down with what has been named "Gulf War Syndrome". While the DOD has consistently denied any culpability, many Gulf War vets have died.

As vets have been reporting their illnesses to the VAs across the country in the years that have followed, the CIA/MIC have been tabulating the results. With these results, along with further "mini-tests" based upon these results, a new generation of bio-geneti-chemical agents have been modeled on super-computers, and are now being field tested in the current Gulf War.

The "syndromes" attacking our troops now, as well as during/after Gulf War I, are, in my opinion, the result of "Above Top Secret" black projects aimed against our troops by WICCA, via bio-geneti-chemical agents, with the ultimate aim to nullify any attempts by Patriots within the United States to regain our Independence from the un-Constitutional "coup" which has happened via 9-11, the Patriot Acts, and the Department of Homeland Security. The United States is the only nation on earth with enough "armed" Patriots to repel a hostile takeover attempt by our government, or any foreign government, or the New World Order, as a "right" guaranteed by the Second Amendment. However, all the guns, ammo, tanks, and helicopter gunships are no match against BGC toxins unleashed upon those who resist the NWO!

The Zionist/Masonic/Illuminati/Satanic shadow-government finally has the upper hand to destroy any and all resistance, here and abroad. The United States, as a free and sovereign nation, is finished.

Another 9-11 is unavoidable, as the first was carefully planned by insiders, so too will the next, in order to finish the final stages of the "coup" against the one nation on earth which could stop the NWO in its tracks, but now no longer can. Any who resist will be "terminated"! ---------------------

There is a darkness which appears as light. It is Luciferian. And that is what we have in this nation and the government which rides roughshod on our lives, and which has hijacked and gutted our freedoms and liberties, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights - all in the name of "defending and protecting" our freedoms and liberties, of which what we have left is but an empty shell. And that shell is about to be broken and swept away, for another 9-11 is an obvious future contrivance, in which case, it will become a total "lockdown on America". For we have become a nation which has thrown its God behind its back!

As the prophet Jeremiah shouted in his day, "what will you do when the end comes?!" -----------------------------

With today´s communications surveillance systems, my email to you will be no secret to any number of the world´s intelligence agencies, especially Echelon. "They" will know where my email originated from. Anonymousness is pointless in Nazi America, and in the greater New World Order.

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Dec. 23rd, 2003 @ 12:12 am Watch Out!
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
I got this from an email. Interesting. Watch and pray.



12/21/03 5:36:48 PM Pacific Standard Time
Forwarded from Marshall Smith with permission:
Sunday, December 21, 2003
This report is to identify a strange coincidence. Just as Secty Tom Ridge announced today the raising of the Terror Alert status to HIGH, HAARP came on the air in a standby mode. The transmissions were on 3.39 MHz and were at highest daytime transmitter power.

This standby mode is a standard pattern of a 3 second pulse, a 20 second pause, another 3 second pulse, a 20 second pause, then a very long 18 second (sometimes 30 second) pulse. This is then followed by several 3 second pulses with 20 second pauses in between. The pattern lasts for about 5 minutes, then there is a long pause of about 25 to 30 minutes and the pattern is repeated. This pattern seems only to be for keeping the transmitters warm and in an idle condition and awaiting a remote control signal from NORAD/Space Command to enter the Space Weapon aiming and fire mode. I have identified this unique type of transmission the "3-3-18 pattern."

This pattern is not used for Navy submarine communication, nor is it the Air Force space weapon mode. This "3-3-18" mode is simply and IDLE pattern which has only been used at HAARP since March of this year. It was not used before, during and after the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003. During that three hour transmission on Feb 1, 2003 the pattern was simply a 3 second pulse with 15 second pauses in between pulses, and repeated continuously for one orbital period before Columbia last passed over Hawaii and remained on until one obital period after Columbia crashed. This "3-15" mode appears to be the HAARP STANDBY and AIMING mode which means the weapon can be fired within 15 seconds of acquiring a target.

The previous HAARP transmissions during this month of December 2003 were for one hour after midnite on Dec 4th. On the early morning after midnite on Dec 5th, HAARP was on for testing in several modes for about 3 hours at low power. On Sunday Dec 13, HAARP was on for about 2 hours just before sunrise in the 3-3-18 IDLE mode at low to medium power and was so low in power it faded out at sunrise. Thus the current transmission on Sunday Dec 21st, is unique both in the strong daytime high power signal, and its 3-3-18 repeating pattern, which so far has been repeating for about 5 daytime hours from the announcement of the HIGH alert at 11am PST and continuing to the time of this report at 4pm PST. This current very strong and lengthy daytime transmission of HAARP is very similar to the very long 10 hour daytime transmission just following the announcement by President Bush of the HIGH military alert just hours after the attacks of 9-11 2001.
Does anybody see any coincidence in these events? Or is HAARP just doing atmospheric research on the northern lights during the daytime?

Marshall Smith Editor, BroJon Gazette www.brojon.com
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Dec. 19th, 2003 @ 11:30 am Bush to pull trump card! Tadda! I have Bin Ladden! Vote for me!
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Albright thinks Bush hiding bin Laden
Tells Fox News´ Kondracke she suspects political dirty tricks...

Posted: December 17, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told Fox News Channel analyst Morton Kondracke yesterday she suspects President Bush knows the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and is simply waiting for the most politically expedient moment to announce his capture.

Kondracke made the announcement about what Albright told him backstage before an appearance on another Fox show on "Special Report With Brit Hume."

Kondracke was incredulous that a former secretary of state could believe something like that about a U.S. administration.

"She was not smiling when she said this," offered Kondracke, who believes Albright is serious about the conspiracy theory.

Albright is on a media tour to promote her new book, "Madam Secretary, A Memoir."

She was mildly critical of Bush administration policy in Iraq on camera in later appearances on "The O´Reilly Factor" and on MSNBC´s "Hardball With Chris Matthews."

"I´m one of these people that said I understood the ´why´ of the war, but I didn´t understand the ´why now´ or the ´what next,´" she told O´Reilly. "I still have a lot of questions. And I think that we don´t know, frankly, what the effect of Saddam´s capture is on the general situation in Iraq. President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld have, in fact, warned about violence still going on, and the effect within the rest of the Middle East of a prolonged trial or an execution or generally how he is treated."

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Dec. 19th, 2003 @ 09:53 am Conspiracy Theory? Or Conspiracy FACT?
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Ok, I haven't done this in a while...posting woo woo stuff! ^_^ Shalalalala!

This article makes some good points, but capitals everywhere! Gah! @_@


The vast majority of people in the world do not believe in conspiracies. Webster's defines CONSPIRACY as the act of two or more people coming together to plot to do something that is illegal. The fact is the world is full of conspiracy. If there was not such thing as conspiracy, governments would not need INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, who in turn, sit behind closed doors and SECRETLY plot on how to INFILTRATE another government ILLEGALLY to gather intelligence they have no LEGAL RIGHT to obtain. People who reject CONSPIRACIES have simply not thought it through, or they simply don't want to believe that there people in the world who plot the enslavement or destruction of others. To them, we ask, WHERE DID COMMUNISM COME FROM? Where did the SECRET SOCIETIES COME FROM?

Conspiracies exist all over the place. The question is not if conspiracies exist, for if they did not, we would not have that word in the dictionary. The question then becomes, IS THERE SUCH A THING AS A CONSPIRACY TO PLACE THE UNITED STATES UNDER A UNITED NATIONS DICTATORSHIP, where the UN has the military power and forces to subject the American people to its dictates? Or, is there GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO TAKE OVER AND RULE THE WORLD? Could there be such a thing as a HIDDEN CONSPIRACY THAT MANKIND HIMSELF IS UNAWARE OF, or to word it another way, HIDDEN HIGHER POWERS WHO SECRETLY MANIPULATE WORLD EVENTS VIA INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL MEANS TO BRING ABOUT A SPECIFIC RESULT?

In this concept of conspiracy, mankind is himself simply a DUPE. He is controlled by HIGHER POWERS who manipulate the MINDS OF MEN to bring about an agenda planned long ago. We are all merely pawns in a much higher game, where the stakes are for ETERNITY, and the game played here on earth a mere fraction of time to gain a greater result.

The concept of either a UNITED NATIONS or a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY is laughed at. The liberal media claims that anyone who believes in such GLOBAL CONSPIRACIES is a LUNATIC, and is part of a weird "fringe" element that is now being labled by the media and government sources as highly dangerous, and in fact so dangerous that Congressman SHUMER, Democrat, New York, introduced LEGISLATION to in effect ban anyone from claiming there was a CONSPIRACY (see the PHOENIX LETTER) . The conservative media, on the other hand, claims the LIBERAL PRESS is managed and manipulated by HIGHER MONEY POWERS. It is claimed they have a VESTED INTEREST in SILENCING, BY MOCKING AND RIDICULE, those who are warning the general non-suspecting public that CONSPIRACY IS REAL. What is the REAL TRUTH? Is there a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO TAKE AND RULE THE WORLD? IS IT PROVABLE? Can it be DOCUMENTED? The answer will surprise you. YES THERE IS, and YES, THERE ARE MANY DOCUMENTS TO PROVE IT.

In fact, there are so many SUB-CONSPIRATORS in the overall UNITED NATIONS and GLOBAL CONSPIRACY that it defies the imagination. And there is a massive amount of documentation to prove that as well. MANY GROUPS AND MOVEMENTS WANT TO RULE THE WORLD. They openly say so. H.J. Wells wrote a book called THE OPEN CONSPIRACY, which is an OXYMORON, because under the strict definition of CONSPIRACY, it is not SECRET. The meetings are SECRET. The plans that are laid out are usually done in secrecy, but not all of them. The documents that result from these meetings are NOT SECRET. The AGENDAS ARE NOT SECRET. They are published and ANYONE can obtain them and inspect them. In other words, IT IS AN OPEN CONSPIRACY, and therefore the people who MOCK IT, AND DENY IT, WHO RIDICULE IT are fools. They are fools because THE PLANS, THE AGENDA, THE MOVEMENTS, THE TRENDS are all right in front of their noses, and they REFUSE IT. Their opinions, biases, theological outlooks are no consequence in this game called conspiracy. Nor is it run by popular vote. The conspiracy for world government moves on steadily, regardless of who is in office. Why?

There are several reasons:

The first reason is obvious: The conspiracy moves ahead under the power of FINANCE, and has nothing to do with the wishes of the people. The RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, whom the Bible calls the MERCHANTS OF BABYLON, which includes the INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL BANKING CARTELS, move ahead with their plans to protect their financial interests. If you went up to David Rockefeller, and accused him of a conspiracy, he would laugh in your face. For good reason: HE DOES NOT AGREE THAT IT IS A CONSPIRACY. He would say that the meetings conducted at the CFR and the TRILATERAL COMMISSION and the BILDERBERG MEEETINGS are done to plan the next moves to protect and expand their world wide banking and industrial interests, and that further, what is good for them is good for the nation and the world.

The next reason then comes into view. There is a saying that goes, BIRDS OF FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. It means that PEOPLE WITH MONEY gather together with other people with money. Industrialists gather with other industrialists. There is nothing conspiratorial about that, it IS THE NATURE OF THINGS, THE NATURE OF THE SPIRIT OF MAMMON. Thus it is also true that MONEY MAKES MONEY, and it TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. The successful business men will go on to make MORE MONEY. The RICH GET RICHER. In point of fact, it is a UNIVERSAL PRINCIPAL OF THE LORD. Jesus Christ said that HE WHO HAD, AND USED WHAT HE HAD, WOULD GAIN MORE. And HE WHO LITTLE, and DID NOT USE WHAT LITTLE HE HAD, would have EVEN HIS LITTLE TAKEN AWAY. In other words, YOU EITHER USE THE GIFTS THAT GOD GAVE OR YOU LOSE THEM.

Now we come to the next concept involved with conspiracy. IT IS THE NATURE OF THE HUMAN ANIMAL TO MOVE FROM ONE PHASE OF CIVILIZATION TO THE NEXT PHASE. In other words, civilizations go through PHASES, and these phases come and go because of TRENDS. It is a natural tendency of the human being to be BOUND TOGETHER IN SOCIEITES, to be SOCIAL, and hence, there is also a NATURAL TENDENCY towards SOCIALISM, even while the people CRY FREEDOM. The American people are a good example of that fact. They scream up and down how they hate BIG GOVERNMENT, and government intrusion into their lives. They hate socialism, they scream. Yet, when it comes right down to it, they REELECT the very people that bring the socialism they claim they hate!!!

FREEDOM requires vigilance and a willingness to lay down one's life if necessary to protect and defend it. The trends of societies in all areas of the world is TOWARDS MATERIAL WEALTH, and away from things SPIRITUAL. As one drifts into material wealth, the society attitudes shift away from FREEDOM, and move towards PROTECTING THE WEALTH. Thus, people will trade off their freedoms to be secure in their wealth, NOT UNDERSTANDING THAT SOON AFTER THEY TRADE THEIR FREEDOMS, THEY LOSE THEIR WEALTH AS WELL.

Now under the CONSPIRACY concept, there are men of great wealth who understand how the human animal works, and they understand it very well. They have researched the human animal and they understand the TRENDS, they understand MAMMON, and they understand MASS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. They understand HOW IT WORKS, and to make it work to their benefit. In other words, they UNDERSTAND THE UNDERLYING FORCES AT WORK, and simply manipulate them to their benefit. Because wealth begets wealth, if it is UNCHECKED, it must and will end up in a GLOBAL SYSTEM OF POWER UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN ON EARTH. The Bible calls it BABYLON.

So then, with this understanding of conspiracy, although it may appear diabolical, and in fact according to the Scripture it is, the vast majority of men and women involved in it have no concept that it is diabolical. To them, it is the end result of a system, the trends of society, and the nature of man. That is why they will tell you that GLOBALISM WILL COME. They are right. IT WILL, AND NO ONE CAN STOP IT.


Everyone may wish to rule the world, but the question is, WHO IN REALITY HAS THE POWER AND MEANS TO DO SO? And what type of government do they want to set up? And what happens to our BILL OF RIGHTS and CONSTITUTION? What happens to my PROPERTY RIGHTS? What happens to my right to pick and chose my employment? What about the right to live where I want? What about my right to use my mind and skills to amass wealth for myself and my family? You have to examine the documents and the quotes of the people INVOLVED IN THIS OPEN PLAN to obtain your answers. You will not like those answers, but the CONSPIRATORS DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. They openly say that as well. You are NOTHING to them. Your beliefs, your desires, your dreams are of NO CONSEQUENCE. Their vision of a NEW WORLD ORDER does not include INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AT ALL, but rather focuses upon GROUP RIGHTS. "The rights of the many over the rights of the few". It is simply called DEMOCRACY, which is another word for MOB RULE.

The United States was not set up as a DEMOCRACY. In fact, the Founding Fathers all warned about the dangers of DEMOCRACY. Because they were very fearful of DEMOCRACY, they set up the United States as a REPUBLIC. In fact the Constitution of the United States guarantees a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT IN EACH STATE. Yet President and President and world leader after world leader speaks of our DEMOCRACY. There is a VAST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO CONCEPTS. To boil it down to the nitty gritty, to where the rubber hits the road, the difference is this:


IN A DEMOCRACY THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE HELD SUPREME AND INVIOLATE, said rights to have been granted BY POPULAR OPINION AND VOTE. The dangers of DEMOCRACY are obvious, and need not be reviewed.

The Founding Fathers of America knew that democracy was the PRELUDE TO DICTATORSHIP, and in fact was the LAST STEP PRIOR TO DICTATORSHIP. If this is true, and history will prove it is, then why are all of our world leaders screaming for a WORLD DEMOCRACY? The answer is simple and very chilling: IT IS THE DESTABILIZATION PHASE TO BREAK UP THE OLD WORLD ORDER TO BRING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER: A FACIST DICTATORIAL SLAVE STATE. If you do not believe it, READ IT IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

So where does one begin if you really want to know the REAL TRUTH about a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO TAKE THE WORLD? You begin with the people involved, the LEADERS, THE SHAKERS AND THE MOVERS WHO WANT A "NEW WORLD ORDER", the VISIONARIES of the next millennium. Here are some quotes from the LEADERS THEMSELVES:

"In stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point WHERE NO STATE WOULD HAVE THE MILITARY POWER TO CHALLENGE THE PROGRESSIVELY STRENGTHENE U.N. PEACE FORCE…."

FREEDOM FROM WAR, The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World Document 7277.

Now if the United Nations is to be strengthened to a point where NO MILITARY POWER ON EARTH CAN CHALLENGE HER DICTATES, may we then say that it is the OFFICIAL POLICY of the United States to SUBMERGE AMERICA under the United Nations? And also the OTHER NATIONS OF THE WORLD? And if the UN has all of the weapons, and the peoples of the world have NONE, then how can they RESIST any DECREE the UN decides to make? In point of fact, they CANNOT, and that is EXACTLY what the Bible says: "WHO CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST?"

So then, are the LIBERAL MEDIA, such as NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN LIARS when they say that the militia and right wing conservatives are WACKOS and totally in error when they claim there IS IN FACT a move to bring the United Nations up to FULL GLOBAL POWER? That is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, and it is a UNITED NATIONS CONSPIRACY. However, under the official definition of conspiracy, which must be secret, we fall short. IT IS NOT SECRET. It is OUT IN THE OPEN.

"The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American branch of a society which organized in England….and…believes NATIONAL BOUNDRIES SHOULD BE OBLITERATED AND ONE WORLD RULE ESTABLISHED."

Carrol Quigley, Professor of History, Georgetown University.

Professor Quigley was given the chance to actually look over the documents of the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, and wrote of it in a book called TRAGIDY AND HOPE. The society he speaks about in England was formed by Cecil Rhodes, who left a fortune to develop a ONE WORLD GOLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

"We are grateful to the WASHINGTON POST, THE NEW WORK TIMES, TIME MAGAZINE and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."

David Rockefeller on the silence of major media which allowed them to implement the plans for the New World Order in secrecy.

"We shall have WORLD GOVERNMENT , whether or not we like it. The only question is whether WORLD GOVERNMENT will be achieved by conquest or consent."

James P. Warburg, International financier

There are many more such comments and quotes. In fact, there are HUNDREDS OF THEM, and made by the leaders and shakers of the NEW WORLD ORDER. You see, it is SO OPEN it is a SECRET. It is so OBVIOUS, it is HIDDEN FROM VIEW. The agendas were all laid out for EVERYONE TO SEE. Therefore the PEOPLE HAVE NO EXCUSE, and when the DICTATOR ARRIVES, it is their own fault. FREEDOM REQUIRES VIGILANCE. What about written agendas? Are there any?

YES! Here is a SHORT LIST:


This infamous document that is purported to have been written by unscrupulous Jews is a document of the highest treason to have ever been found on planet earth. Labeled a total hoax, decried as HATE LITERATURE, debunked as the writings of the INSANE, yet THE PROTOCOLS stands alone as the OVERALL AGENDA FOR WORLD DOMINATION. It lays out a plan that would TAKE HUNDREDS OF YEARS TO ACCOMPLISH, and VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING OUTLINED IN THE PROTOCOLS HAS TAKEN PLACE. If you do not believe that is a FACT, then obtain a copy of the PROTOCOLS, read it, and look around you. Has their plan been IMPLEMENTED? YES, TO THE EXACT LETTER. Was it written by Jews? Research indicates it was not, but was rather the work of SECRET SOCIETIES, and the PROTOCOLS need to be renamed: THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF SION. The HOLY BIBLE refers to this WORLD MOVEMENT AS "MYSTERY BABYLON". The Greek word for "Mystery" means "to be initiated into SECRET RELIGIOUS RITES". In other words, THE SECRET SOCIETIES. There are THREE MAIN BRANCHES OF THE MYSTERY RELIGIONS THAT HAVE THE POWER AND THE MEANS TO IMPLEMENT A WORLD DESTABILIZATION PROGRAM AND THEN USHER IN A NEW SYSTEM:


There are many offshoot SECRET SOCIETY types of movements, but a careful trace of them will always bring you back to one of the above mentioned TRINITY. The protocols are well worth your reading. You will be amazed at what you read and what has been done to bring it about. REAL OR A HOAX? You decide.


The Communist manifesto was written by Carl Marx, and is a CLASSIC in the AGENDA CATEGORY of world conspiracy. It outlines the general principles for a WORLD TAKEOVER, and is merely an EXTENSION OF, and PART OF the PROTOCOLS. In fact, almost all communist manifesto planks have been implemented in America. Very few remain. Communism is not the end goal of the conspiracy for world government. IT IS ONE OF THE MEANS TO ARRIVE THERE.


The HUMANIST MANIFESTO is yet another document that outlines the agenda for WORLD GOVERNMENT. It has almost the same agenda as the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. These agendas call for the same basic elements found in the PROTOCOLS. They call for WORLD REVOLUTION and the setting up of a NEW ORDER. They all have several things in common:

1. They have an intense hatred for RELIGION.
2. They have an intense hatred for FAMILY.
3. They have an intense hatred for EXISTING GOVERNMENTS
4. They have an intense hatred for FREEDOM.
5. They have intense hatred for MANKIND.

And yet, all the while, they claim to champion the cause of HUMANITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, DEMOCRACY and Motherhood and apple pie. It is COVER, a SUBTERFUGE for an agenda that the people of the world would never tolerate if they actually found out about it. All of these conspiratorial documents have but ONE ultimate goal: THE ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT OF THE HUMAN RACE TO A DICTATORIAL SOCIALISTIC FASCIST GOVERNMENT. The bottom line? POWER. ABSOLUTE POWER IN THE HANDS OF A FEW CALLED THE "ELITE". These people actually believe they have the RIGHT to DICTATE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD WHAT IS TO BE DONE, AND WHAT IS NOT TO BE DONE. Any infraction of the laws handed down by this ruling ELITE is to be met with INSTANT RETRIBUTION of the WORST KIND. What gives them that right? MONEY!!

The world is run by THE SPIRIT OF MAMMON. MONEY and MONETARY SYSTEMS govern the ENTIRE WORLD. Money can buy anything it wants in the world. The world's populations are divided up national groups, such as the POOR NATIONS being calls the THIRD WORLD. Then we have the G-7 NATIONS, that is the RICHEST NATIONS. Then we have within nations classes of people. For example, in America we have THE UPPER CLASS which are the RICH, and then we have the MIDDLE CLASS, which although NOT POOR and NOT RICH EITHER, and then we have the LOWER CLASS, which are the poor. All of this is based upon WEALTH. MONEY IS THE MEASURE OF THE WORLD, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, APPROVE OF IT OR NOT, OR BELIEVE IT OR NOT. The reality is THE SPIRIT OF MAMMON RULES OVER MANKIND, and pervades his every social structure.


Written by Manly P. Hall, a freemason, Mr. Hall outlines the SECRET MASONIC DESTINY OF AMERICA in a most intriguing and interesting book. He exposes the fact that it has been the MASONIC DREAM TO BRING IN A WORLD WIDE DEMOCRACY and to use America to accomplish it. Although this book is relatively unknown, it is one of the most important books to obtain if you wish to understand the REAL TRUTH BEHIND GLOBALISM and why the United Nations is on American soil. His research is intense, and Hall is considered by many the preeminent scholar in things Masonic and in dealing with the ORDER OF THE QUEST.


Written by Robert Muller, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations, this book will give you a realistic and true insight on what motivates the people who are the leaders and shakers on the NEW WORLD ORDER AND GLOBALISM, and what their plans really are. Their perspective has to be understood before one can grasp the power behind the NEW WORLD ORDER MOVEMENT, and why it will come to be. YEARS OF WORK and TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS have been invested to make sure the NEW WORLD ORDER COMES INTO BEING, and the UNITED NATIONS is the INSTRUMENT OF CHOICE FOR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. Make not mistake - WORLD GOVERNMENT WILL ARRIVE, just as the LEADERS OF THE MOVEMENT SAID IT WOULD. You also want to get THE BIRTH OF A GLOBAL CIVILIZATION, With proposals for a new political system for Planet Earth, and THE FIRST LADY OF THE WORLD, both written by Muller.


THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD was written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and contains deep insight into the NEW WORLD ORDER MOVEMENT from a religious NEW AGE PERSPECTIVE. Of course, the Bible claims these movements as ANTICHRIST, even though they freely use the names "CHRIST", "MARY" and freely quote Scripture. But the essence of what they say is very important to understand HOW AMERICA FITS INTO THE PLAN FOR THE INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW WORLD LEADER and what is actually INTENDED for us as subservient slaves. THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD is a book that documents the OCCULT NATURE, and the MASONIC NATURE of the United States, and its so called SECRET DESTINY. In reality, the name America comes from the words Ameru Ka, which means LAND OF THE SERPENT. Surprisingly, the HOLY BIBLE agrees, and claims that AMERICA WILL LEAD THE WORLD INTO THE ARMS OF ANTICHRIST, although of course, they will not realize it. In the Bible, the NATION OF BABYLON is in reality the United States, easily proven by the 140+ parameters laid down by the Bible to identify the NATION of BABYLON. BABYLON is the leading ANTICHRIST NATION OF THE WORLD, according to prophecy, BUT DOES IT AS A "CHRISTIAN" NATION!!!!


THE SECRET DOCTRINE was written by H.P. Blavatsky, and she is considered to be the real GURU behind the NEW AGE MOVEMENT and also has tremendous influence in all Masonic Circles. It is a book of MYSTERY, and it is about "MYSTERY". It will give you much insight into the REALITY OF THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT, and how and why THINGS ARE HAPPENING AS THEY ARE. An excellent source book for the true nature of CONSPIRACY. You would also want to read her ISIS UNVEILED, and PRACTICAL OCCULTISM. These will bring you much insight into the SECRET THINGS of the MYSTERY RELIGIONS.


A BRIDGE TO LIGHT is the official HANDBOOK for the SCOTTISH RITE branch of FREEMASONRY, the most powerful branch of Masons in the world today. This is a book of instruction to Masons as they travel up the ladder in Degree. Of interest is their concept of ULTIMATE TRUTH, and whether or not mankind can ever truly know ULTIMATE TRUTH, OR POSSESS IT. Their conclusion is NO. Their attitude therefore is that ALL RELIGIONS IN THE WORLD CONTAIN SOME TRUTH, BUT NO ONE RELIGION CAN CLAIM IT HAS EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION OF "THE TRUTH", and beyond that, that NO ONE has the right to persecute anyone for what they believe. This lays the groundwork for the MASONIC DEMOCRATIC DREAM, and the INSTITUTION OF A ONE WORLD RELIGION. It is the Masonic dream that all of the world's religions UNITE and form a BROTHERHOOD and stop FIGHTING. The leader of this ONE WORLD UNIFIED RELIGION is LUCIFER, the LIGHT BRINGER. This book may be ordered from by writing to the ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, 1733 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington D.C.


By Jim MacNeill, Pieter Winsemius and Taizo Yakushiji, this book's sub headline reads "THE MESHING OF THE WORLD'S ECONOMY AND THE EARTH ECOLOGY." The forward is written by David Rockefeller of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION. The introduction by Maurice Strong, the Secretary General of the RIO EARTH SUMMIT. It will show you the REAL THINKING behind the ECOLOGY MOVEMENT, and how the ENVIRONMENT is being used as JUSTIFICATION for bringing in a NEW WORLD ORDER and the concept of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. It is a very interesting book, and will show you again how the MOVE TO A WORLD GOVERNMENT, outlined long ago in the PROTOCOLS is actually taking being accomplished.

ONE EARTH - ONE FUTURE, Our Changing Global Environment

This is a report from the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, and the title says it all. "One Earth, One Future" explains, in very clear and understandable terms, the complex web of processes that compose and threaten our planet's environmental systems. This book makes it indelibly apparent that humanity is altering the natural balance that has governed the planet's natural environment. Indeed, we are now a powerful force of change in the natural world." Senator Timothy Wirth, Dem. - Colorado

This book, as do many others, lays the FOUNDATION for an entirely NEW ETHIC to be brought into place, that of MOTHER EARTH, called GAIA, and the establishment of a NEW RELIGION, the worship of NATURE. It also brings with it, a whole new concept of governance: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.


Written by Jean-Marie Guehenno, and translated by Victoria Elliot, THE END OF THE NATION STATE is a telling book about the move to GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, and the destruction of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTIES and of course the ELIMINATION OF NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONS, such as our Constitution in America and the included BILL OF RIGHTS. In the place of these documents, there will be another Constitution, models of which are found everywhere. THE NEWSTATES CONSTITUTION is one made for the United States, where ALL RIGHTS are taken away and made into Privileges. You will find that in EVERY SINGLE CONSTITUTION MADE UP FOR AMERICA OR THE WORLD, THAT THERE ARE A MULTITUDE OF "RIGHTS" FOR THE PEOPLE, but that IN THE EVENT OF "EMERGENCY" all of the RIGHTS CAN BE, AND WILL BE TERMINATED. Thus, instead of INALIENABLE RIGHT, GRANTED TO US BY GOD, we have RIGHTS THAT ARE "PRIVILEGES", and they can be suspended at ANY TIME at the WHIM OF GOVERNMENT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

"Will NATION-STATES survive past the year 2000? Will the information age and the RESULTING GLOBAL COMMUNITY provide a new model, a "fourth empire", that will redefine how people pursue and protect their freedoms? In THE END OF THE NATION-STATE, diplomat Jean-Marie Gue`henno provides an indispensable primer for the NEW WORLD ORDER EMERGING BEFORE OUR EYES...", reads the jacket of the book. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS REAL, and it is NOT HERE BY ACCIDENT. It is here by DESIGN, by an OPEN CONSPIRACY.


Written by Stephan Haggard, this book will give you insight into the concept of GLOBAL INTEGRATION OF ALL NATIONS INTO A ONE WORLD SYSTEM. The thinking remains the same. WE ARE MOVING TO GLOBAL INTEGRATION. The question is, HOW DO THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD ACCOMPLISH IT, and what are the dangers involved in bringing it about?


Written by Vice President AL GORE, Earth in the Balance is a most revealing look into the world of those who sincerely feel that we have no choice but to move into the era of WORLD ECOLOGY CONTROL and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. It was Al Gore who said that the ENVIRONMENT MUST BE MADE THE UNIFYING PRINCIPLE for WORLD GOVERNMENT. EARTH IN THE BALANCE is the ENVIRONMENTAL AGENDA of THE IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT, published in 1966 by Dial Press. Earth in the Balance is ONE BOOK you MUST READ if you are to understand what is happening in America, and why President Clinton is seizing lands all over the United States in the name of NATIONAL PARKS, HERITAGE SIGHTS, AND UN BIO-SPHERE RESERVES, and doing so via EXECUTIVE ORDERS, rather than going through normal Congressional channels.


Foreign Affairs Magazine is the official publication of the Counsel on Foreign Relations. It is a brilliant publication that carries articles of intense interest to anyone who wants to know what is going to be done next by the movers and shakers of the NEW WORLD ORDER ETHIC. Articles that appear in FOREIGN AFFAIRS are almost always CARRIED OUT several years later. Written by BRILLIANT PEOPLE, who have dedicated their lives to THE CAUSE, you can learn a tremendous amount by subscribing to FOREIGN AFFAIRS MAGAZINE. Send $38.00 for an annual subscription to FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Subscriber Services, P.O. Box 420209, Palm Coast, FL 32142-9981. We cannot recommend highly enough that you subscribe to this magazine. It is one of the most important publications on the world scene today.


The Judaic-Christian Bible is the only religious book of its kind to outline the MOVE TOWARDS GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. Although it takes time to break the code of Scripture, HERE A LITTLE AND THERE A LITTLE, the HOLY BIBLE gives a complete and total portrait of the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW AND WHEN of the NEW WORLD ORDER AND WHAT IT MEANS. Jesus Christ was very blunt in His comments about a coming WORLD GOVERNMENT, and that once it became a REALITY, it would turn upon the very people that brought it into place, and become the most evil entity that the people of earth had ever encountered, although it would come as an ANGEL OF LIGHT, for the GOOD FOR HUMANITY. It would come, said Jesus, at a time when the NATION-STATES were at a loss and very confused over how to solve the world's problems.

The prophet Daniel was specific, and said that an entity would rise up in the WEST, among the NATO POWERS, and that this entity would be VERY DIVERSE and VERY STRANGE, an ALIEN ENTITY, UNLIKE ANY OTHER FORM OF GOVERNMENT KNOWN BEFORE. It would rise up and USURP THE SOVEREIGNTIES OF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD over a long period of time, and eventually would DOMINATE AND RULE OVER THEM with an IRON FIST. This entity would usurp the sovereignty of the nation's via TREATY POWER, for it was itself a TREATY ENTITY, an ORGANIZATION GIVEN POWER VIA TREATIES. This entity, called THE FOURTH BEAST, would then terrorize the world via its vast military power, which it got from the military machines of the nations it took over. In other words, the nations of the world gave their military machines over to this WORLD GOVERNMENT POWER. Once it got hold of the military might of the world, it would turn upon HUMANITY ITSELF, and destroy millions of people in the name OF PEACE.

This world entity was a product of the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, the LEADERS AND RULERS of the world, the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTELS and the MERCHANTS OF THE WORLD. Through the power of FINANCE ALONE these men BUILD A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, which Jesus Christ called THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT. Behind all of it was what Jesus called "MYSTERY".

You have to view the Holy Bible from the perspective of the writer, and the writer claims to be ALMIGHTY GOD, the ONE GOD OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND COSMOS, which He claims HE CONSTRUCTED. That means He constructed TIME and SPACE, all ENERGY, MATTER and LIFE. He set up all the rules that govern both the physical and spiritual side of living entities. It is God's claim that He created the earth for MANKIND, and that the EARTH is the center of a GIGANTIC STRUGGLE FOR POWER BETWEEN TWO FORCES: GOOD, represented by Jesus Christ, and EVIL, represented by Satan. The majority of homosapiens REJECT THE BIBLE OUT OF HAND.

It is the CLAIM of GOD that MANKIND WAS CREATED LONG AGO DIRECTLY OUT OF HIS OWN HANDS, and that man was a creature filled with DIVINE LOVE, a creature of both FLESH AND SPIRIT, but dominated by SPIRIT and by TOTAL, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Mankind fell when he ingested into his system a KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, and thus went from PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to IMPURE AND CONDITIONAL LOVE, dominated by the FLESH, rather than by the SPIRIT. Hence the SPIRIT OF MAMMON RULES EARTH, while the SPIRIT OF LOVE rules Heaven. Because God deals in ABSOLUTES, man was CUT OFF FROM HIS CREATOR and has been wondering around IN GROSS SPIRITUAL DARKNESS ever since. Not a happy story, is it? Naturally, that message is an affront to the vast majority of people, and has been rejected OUT OF HAND by them. Rejected or not, the WORD OF GOD STILL STANDS, and anyone can still read it if they want to, and Jesus Christ said IT WOULD STAND, and NEVER BE CHANGED, and SURPRISE OF ALL SURPRISES, he said, at the end, EVERY SOUL ON EARTH WOULD COME FACE TO FACE WITH HIM and would FIND OUT THE HARD WAY THAT WHAT HE SAID WAS TRUE. Naturally, most reject it, and do not believe that any of that could be true whatsoever, or they pick and chose what they will believe.

Now Jesus Christ said He came to earth to REDEEM MANKIND from his fallen position. That's what He said, and He said it in many ways and in many different places. He claimed He was the ONLY ANOINTED MESSIAH. That means HE CLAIMS PRE-EMINENCE OVER THE WHOLE EARTH, and in fact, He claims HE PURCHASED THE HUMAN RACE via what is known as KINSMAN-REDEEMER LAW, one of the laws of ancient Israel. Now in order to get around this concept of a FALL FROM GRACE and the need for REDEMPTION, the world said Jesus was a good man, a good teacher of ethics, but hardly a Messiah or Redeemer. There never was a fall, and so they invented THE EVOLUTION CONSPIRACY, which simply REVERSES THE MESSAGE OF THE BIBLE, a sort of "YEA, HATH GOD SAID? routine. So they made Jesus into an AVATAR, or an ASCENDED MASTER, but denied His mission of REDEMPTION.

But here is the crux of matter. The Bible gives mankind ZERO OPTIONS. It does not attempt to prove that God exists, or Satan, or fallen angels or demons, or the creation or fall of man, or that Christ was the Redeemer. It states those things as ABSOLUTE FACT, and the human race can take it or leave it, THEIR CHOICE. In other words, the Bible itself makes the ASSERTIONS, and claims they ARE THE REAL REALITY BEHIND THE UNIVERSE, and that ONLY A FOOL WILL REJECT IT. This then leads us back to the move to WORLD GOVERNMENT, AND A WORLD LEADER who is to take the THRONE IN THE PLACE OF JESUS CHRIST, who, if the Bible IS TRUE, is the rightful sovereign over earth. If it is NOT TRUE, then who cares?

It is a matter of actual fact that Jesus Christ said HE HAD COME IN HIS FATHERS NAME AS THE MESSIAH AND REDEEMER, BUT WOULD BE REJECTED. He claimed that ANOTHER would come, IN HIS OWN NAME, and BE ACCEPTED. Before this WORLD DICTATOR, who POSES AS "THE CHRIST", can take HIS THRONE, the entire system of WORLD GOVERNMENT MUST BE PUT INTO PLACE. As "MYSTERY BABYLON" totally rejects the claims of Jesus Christ as Messiah and Redeemer, IT WORKS THROUGH THE SECRET SOCIETIES TO SET UP A WORLD DICTATOR to USURP THE THRONE OF JESUS CHRIST, WHO BOUGHT IT WITH HIS OWN DEATH AND BLOOD VIA THE LAWS OF ISRAEL. It is that simple. Thus Bible prophecy is nothing more than how the world leaders will conspire (although they don't realize it) to set up their WORLD GOVERNMENT, and believe it or not, they would do it in the name OF "THE CHRIST", which they call LUCIFER.

The accuracy of the prophecies of both the Old and New Testament are running at an astounding 100%. The Old testament prophets, some of whom wrote over 2500 years ago, named the nations, the people, the time line and even told us HOW it would be done. It is being done EXACTLY as the Bible said it would be. That's the actual truth, like it or not. The facts are there, they are provable, we did not write the Bible, we only read it for what it says. Thus, although REJECTED BY THE VAST MAJORITY, it's accuracy is total, and the Bible itself says that is why MAN HAS NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER, and their OPINIONS, BIASES, AND THEOLOGICAL POSITIONS WILL AVAIL THEM NO CHANGE IN THE REALITY OF THE UNIVERSE. That should go into Riply's BELIEVE IT OR NOT!


The Report From Iron Mountain was issued in 1966 by DIAL PRESS, and was released as a NON-FICTION GOVERNMENT "THINK TANK" REPORT. It can still be found in libraries all over the world in their NON-FICTION SOCIOLOGICAL DEPARTMENTS, usually under GOVERNMENT. It purports to be the work of a 15 experts from various disciplines who gathered together in the IRON MOUNTAIN NUCLEAR HARDENED RETREAT RUN BY THE ROCKEFELLER GROUP in New York State. This group had carte blanche to the worlds accumulated knowledge. Their task: to find out what problems the government of the United States would have if we moved from an ERA OF WAR to an ERA OR PEACE. The Report claimed that WAR ITSELF was the glue that held nations together, and gave governments the right to rule over their respective peoples. It was this EXTERNAL THREAT OF WAR that gave stability to the NATION-STATE SYSTEM, and that if the external threat of war was removed, then substitute external threats would have to be invented.

Upon its release in 1966, THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN rose to become a best seller, and was debated all over the world. It was translated into fifteen languages and raised hot debate the world over. The government claimed it was a HOAX. The Eastern Establishment claimed it was a HOAX. Eventually the writer of the forward, a Mr. Leonard Lewin, claimed it was a hoax, a political satire, written to generate interest in the problems of war and peace, disarmament, etc. The only problem with all of this is the simple fact that IT WAS PUBLISHED AS NON-FICTION, and it was claimed at the time of the release that it was AUTHENTIC by both Lewen and the Editor-in-Chief of Dial Press. Then another famous writer stepped forward and claimed he could vouched for its authenticity. It was not until later that it was suddenly announced it was a hoax.

The BASE LINE ZERO of this is that THE RECOMMENDATIONS CONTAINED IN IRON MOUNTAIN are being IMPLEMENTED. EVERY SINGLE MAJOR RECOMMENDATION is not only being implemented RIGHT NOW, many of them have been in the process of implementation for YEARS. It is also a fact that the CFR publication FOREIGN AFFAIRS picked up on the IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT recommendations, particularly those concerning the USE OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS HOAX to get the people of America and the world to HAND OVER THEIR RIGHTS TO A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. because the environmental crisis is A GLOBAL CRISIS. The Report From Iron Mountain suggested that the governments of the world ALLOW POLLUTION to bring the crisis forward. Then the controlled media could HYPE THE "CRISIS" and the people, oblivious to what was really going on, would demand the GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING. They would. Hence you have books like EARTH IN THE BALANCE, ONE EARTH, ONE FUTURE, BEYOND INTERDEPENDENCE. You also have CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and other channels SCREAMING ABOUT THE 'ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS". It is interesting that the Bible said THE GREEN MOVEMENT would be an excuse to SEIZE THE LAND FROM THE PEOPLE. It is said that the ANTICHRIST APPARATUS takes the land FOR ITSELF, and also that it DIVIDES UP THE EARTH INTO LITTLE PIECES.

Iron Mountain again came into the news in the 1993-1994 period when Best Video Productions released its IRON MOUNTAIN-BLUEPRINT FOR TYRANNY documentary about the Iron Mountain Report. That video sold all overt the world, and it landed in the hands of the Militia movement who used it as sort of a Bible, according to the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and DATELINE NBC. BLUEPRINT was a 2:30 hour video production that probed the Iron Mountain Report and then verified its implementation via government documents, video and laws. We proved that IRON MOUNTAIN, HOAX OR NOT, was in fact being used as an AGENDA to bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER. DATELINE NBC called us this summer (1996) and said they wanted to do a ONE HOUR DATELINE SPECIAL ON IRON MOUNTAIN, and they wanted to do a "balanced investigative report" about it. During our conversations with one of the DATELINE DIRECTORS, we were told that our videos BLUEPRINT and IRON MOUNTAIN II had made their way into many hands, and it was implied in very "high places". It is our belief that the success of those video productions caused the establishment some uneasy moments. That might also explain why we were contacted by PBS, ABC and CBS. The establishment does not want the American people to UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES OR WHY. Iron Mountain has been RE-RELEASED in an attempt to DEBUNK THE ENTIRE REPORT AS A HOAX, but intelligent Americans can see through the smokescreen.

We are not attempting to say that IRON MOUNTAIN IS REAL, OR A HOAX. We are only saying the AGENDA CONTAINED THEREIN IS BEING IMPLEMENTED. If you do not believe it, PURCHASE OUR VIDEOS IRON MOUNTAIN-BLUEPRINT FOR TYRANNY, IRON MOUNTAIN II, or IRON MOUNTAIN III. Go over to our catalog for a full description. These are probably some of the most important videos we ever did on the subject of so called "conspiracies". They will surely open your eyes.

It is an amazing thing that the WALL STREET JOURNAL would run a FRONT PAGE LEAD ARTICLE ON A FICTITIOUS HOAX. More amazing is the fact that they mentioned a "six-hour" interpretive video being used by the Militia, which was a direct reference to IRON MOUNTAIN II, which is the only SIX HOUR DOCUMENTARY PROBE INTO THE IRON MOUNTAIN AGENDA in existence. Why is the MAINSTREAM MEDIA so all fired up over a HOAX, a NON-EXISTENT AGENDA? Could it be that in the process of DEBUNKING, they actually AUTHENTICATE THE REPORT? Could it be that they PROTEST TOO MUCH? You decide for yourself!!!


Freedom From War is a little known STATE DEPARTMENT document released in September 1961 under the KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION. It is the official position of the United States in regards to DISARMAMENT, and the role of the UNITED NATIONS. The American people are OBLIVIOUS TO IT, and so obviously its contents. If ever there was a document to prove that the American people and America is going to be SUBMERGED UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS, this is the document you must have. Remember when the media used to laugh and call people fanatics when they claimed there was a COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and a TRILATERAL COMMISSION, and that these organizations were not acting in the best interests of the United States? The standard media line was "these outfits do not even exist, and these people are paranoids and crazy." Well, of course the CFR and Trilateral Commission did exist, and their own writings showed their true intents. So then the media finally said, "Well, of course they exist, but they are not subversive. They have the best interests of America and her people at heart."


Now I want to ask you something. Do you read about corruption in government at the TOWNSHIP LEVEL from time to time? Like corrupt Sheriffs or policemen? Or the town chairmen, etc.? Now lets go up a notch to the COUNTY LEVEL. Our local papers talk about corruption on the county level quite frequently. Now lets move to the STATE LEVEL. We have TV stations all over America that send their news crews to the various capitols to report on STATE CORRUPTION. Now lets move to the NATIONAL LEVEL. CBS, NBC. ABC, CNN all have correspondents who continually bombard us with NATIONAL CORRUPTION. Now lets move up to the GLOBAL LEVEL. Here we have corruption on a massive scale, and yet we are told that this corrupt governmental body should be handed all of the worlds WEAPONS and be given a STANDING ARMY THAT NO NATION CAN FIGHT OR RESIST, all in the name of WORLD PEACE. Do you see any danger here? If not, you do not understand the HUMAN ANIMAL, EGO, PRIDE, POWER or GREED.

Now if you really believe that will work, then you have not done your homework. If we went to HISTORY ALONE, and EXPERIENCE ALONE, not only WILL IT NOT WORK, it is a recipe for TOTAL DISASTER, and will produce an entity that would make Hitler's THIRD REICH and Stalin's PURGES look like KINDERGARTEN OPERATIONS. Now we mix in BLACK BUDGET SECRET HIGH TECH WEAPONS RESEARCH and we have a situation from which no human being can escape: A TOTALLY CORRUPT ALL POWERFUL DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENT that will SMASH EVERY ONE AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH, and the human race will HAVE NO MEANS TO STOP IT. That is what the conspirators want, and they are GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. The Bible says so, and THEY say so.

When Jesus Christ made the rhetorical question "WHO CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST?", He was not fooling the human race. He was asking a question that was supposed to REGISTER upon the DULL AND BLINDED MINDS OF MANKIND that has its roots IN THE NATURE OF MANKIND and the question of all questions - what is the TRUE NATURE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF EVIL, and if the story of the FALL of mankind is such a grotesque lie, then why is the landscape of history littered with cruelty UNIMAGINABLE, in the name of POLITICS AND RELIGION? If that does not give you PAUSE TO THINK, then the EXPERIENTIAL REALTY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER WILL, because it WILL HAPPEN, EVEN THOUGH YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IT.


BABYLON IS RISING - Published in 1988. Written by Stewart C. Best. This book was too hot for the Christian community to deal with, so it was banned by them. It could not be advertised on radio, TV or sold at most Christian Bible bookstores. That is not unusual in the activities of organized religion, including Christianity. THE TRUTH lies in the street, while the lies are propagated to collect funds from the flock. This book outlines the TRUTH of the AMERICAN-BABYLON CONNECTION, and the rise of America in comparison to the prophecies of Babylon. They are a perfect 100% match. If the shoe fits, wear it. This book exposed the entire conspiracy from start to finish. NOT IN PRINT AS BOOK ANYMORE, but is available as a study manual. Many proofs and documentation.

ENVIRONMENTALISM - The Dawn of Aquarius of the Twilight of a new dark age? Written by Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D, ISBN 0-96323-730-6, Published 1992. This book deals with the global environmental movement, and what it really means from a both a secular and Christian perspective. Excellent source material and should be on any serious conspirators bookshelf.

THE UNITED NATIONS CONSPIRACY - By Robert W. Lee, ISBN 0-88279-236-9, Published 1981. This book documents in great detail the foundations and moves of the United Nations and its true agenda. Very important book if you want to understand the full implications of the United Nations, or ANY world government body that would attempt to rule the world and have the weapons to enforce its dictates.

CHANGING COMMANDS - The Betrayal of America's Military, By John F. MaManus. This book actually covers what is happening as a result of PUBLIC LAW 87-297 and BLUEPRINT FOR PEACE, the agenda for the United Nations takeover of America. ISBN: 1-881919-03-X. Published by the John Birch Society, this book contains valuable documentation for anyone who wants to investigate the UNITED NATIONS TRUE AGENDA. Published 1995.

THE ROTHCHILD MONEY TRUST, By George Armstrong - Published in 1940. This book is a very important document that travels along the MONEY TRAILS, and shows how the Rothchild Dynasty has been a major player, if not the single most powerful BANKING CARTEL involved in the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY.

THE FEARFUL MASTER - A Second Look at the United Nations - By G. Edward Griffen. Published in 1964. Library of Congress #64-22761. This book is a deep probe of the REAL UNITED NATIONS, and who are what is behind it. Excellent documentation and worth every penny.

GLOBAL TYRANNY...STEP BY STEP - By William F. Jasper, Published in 1992. A fully documented realistic look at the UNITED NATIONS and the OPEN CONSPIRACY to bring it to full global power complete with an INVINCIBLE MILITARY FORCE TO CARRY OUT ITS EDICTS.

FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH - By Des Griffen, Published in 1976, ISBN: 0-941380-06-8. This book shows in great detail and with vast amounts of documentation how the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH are in the process of forming a DICTATORIAL GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and what their true intents are. Bible prophecy claims that the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL GOVENRMENT, when it comes to power, will be a FASCIST MARTIAL LAW POLICE STATE, and no one in the world will be able to stand against it.

SAVIORS OF THE EARTH - Michael S. Coffman - This book digs deep into the ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT, and the forces that guide it, both religious and political. This book will give you an in depth look at the UN BIO-DIVERSITY TREATY, RIO, AGENDA 21 and what it is all about behind the scenes.

NOW IS THE DAWNING OF THE NEW AGE NEW WORLD ORDER - By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. - Dr. Cuddy has collected massive amount of documentation concerning the NEW WORLD ORDER, and those that are behind it. Cuddy lays down his entire thesis IN THE LEADERS AND SHAKERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER'S OWN WORDS. Massive amounts of quotes from a multitude of sources. If you cannot be convinced there is a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES and bring us under a UNITED NATIONS NEW WORLD ORDER, then NOTHING WILL, and when you are UNDER IT, you can remember WE TOLD YOU SO.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE - William Cooper. Bill Cooper was in Naval Intelligence, and thus had the inside track of the very secret projects. BEHOLD A PALE HORSE provides some very interesting insight into the TRUE AGENDA of the RICH MEN, and what it is they hope to accomplish. The Bible says THEY WILL FAIL, but not until millions of the earth's people have been destroyed.

There are a MULTITUDE of other books on the market, all excellent. We simply cannot list them all. Now with these sources, you have both the pro and con side of this issue of CONSPIRACY. We close this briefing by reminding you that the Bible claims that there is a MASSIVE WORLD WIDE CONSPIRACY that develops at the TIME OF THE END, just before the return of Christ, that involves the major nations of the world. Behind it all is SATAN, the GOD OF THIS WORLD. Because of the fall of man, Satan has control over their minds, and is merely using mankind to formulate his FINAL WORLD GOVERNMENT, with HIMSELF ON THE THRONE as the KING OF PLANET EARTH, THE LORD OF LORDS, THE KING OF ALL KINGS. Unfortunately for mankind, who sides with Satan thinking it is God, THE NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY FALLS TO THE GROUND, and leaves the human race in ruin.

Conspiracy? If you claim there is none, you will find it true. If you claim there is, you will find that true. A SOUL CONVINCED AGAINST THEIR WILL, IS OF THE SAME OPINION STILL. No matter what you may think: REALITY IS.
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